Throughout the ages, Archery has featured in mythology, and the history of human survival, both in hunting and warfare.

Famous mythological figures associated with archery include Artemis, the Greek Goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. Who can forget the infamous Cupid (also known as Eros), who used his bow and arrow to make mortals fall in love!

In ancient times, hunters developed bows as an alternative to the spear. The bows were small and lightweight and could therefore be carried over long distances. Bows were also far easier to use at close range than a cumbersome spear and more accurate. Many a hungry belly has been filled by prey caught in the sight of a hunter’s bow! There is even evidence to suggest that Archery was practiced as far back 50.000 BC.

Archery was an integral part of the battlefield worldwide until the introduction of gunpowder, and has played a large part in England’s history, from the infamous Robin Hood to the Battle of Agincourt. Many an empire has risen and fallen under the arrows of an army of archers!

In present day, Archery is still used by many cultures for hunting, but is mainly practiced as a recreational or competitive sport around the world. Archery is an Olympic sport – look out for it at the 2012 Games: if you start training now you could make it there yourself!
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